Thursday, December 20, 2012

English Vinglish !

This film's title mistakenly makes the viewers feel that it is about english. It's not. It is about the self esteem of a women, who is stuck in rather uncelebrated job, doing relatively 'less highly ' thought of roles. English, was just a medium of bringing forth her hurt and subsequent defiance. It could as well have been say , computers. Above all , It was about Shridevi. The amazing , age defying shri, with eyes deeper than oceans. Umm.. a little nasty nose and teeth job, but every bit as beautiful as ever.

 So we had this unassuming homemaker, who is not good at english, and derided by her family rather callously for that . She accumulates this grief till the last straw , And given a break ,she takes on a journey to rid herself of her most riling deficiency, in process of ridding her family of what was their most riling one. And need I say it was done brilliantly ! A film with a modest story and such a puerile background as 'mind your language' could have sunk into mediocrity. But Gauri Shinde painted the film with such subtle and precise strokes that the viewer just wows. Nevermind rather shrill daughter, or a lame romance in the classroom. Or overly sweet sister or that lallu looking husband. The film just flows like Sri's lissome dance moves. I am glad i watched it with my mother. Its just the kind of film one should take one's mom to !

Friday, September 14, 2012

Tiger spotting !

      When you watch a Salman Khan film, you go to theater with different set of expectations. Lately, south style action repackaged in a bollywood box has been his forte. And for some reason .  salman's fan following and nature of affections that he gets borders on south style hero idolizing. Fans have got conditioned to 'like' him irrespective of anything. For instance, nothing can explain the success of 'ready'. 'Bhai' film has become a buzzword. And Even high brow production houses like YRF, could not ignore this phenomenon. And so we had this film, based on a ridiculously flimsy plot. I mean Roshan Seth as a scientist was like aloknath playing a terrorist. Fishes on trees only look fine in abstract painting. And we had these two spies trying to steal his data, but getting struck by cupid in between. And with a pathetic supporting cast consisting of largely unknown faces, we are told a labored tale of love .Too easy, too unidiementional. I mean for a film of 6o crores, you expect at least some twist and turns and double crossings.  You get none. The hero can indulge only in 'saccha pyar' the true love.  The comic quotient of the film is poor as well. The only place where the film scores is excellent locales and good action sequences. But then you dont  order burgers in an oriental restaurant. For that you have MacDonald. A bollywood masala film should deliver, well bollywood fare. Which was minimal in the film. Acting wise, salman khan plays himself in all his films. Call it acting or whatever you may. And ditto for kat. A beutiful mannequin. Dressed and placed hither tither. To her credit, she looked great and danced with aplomb.  Overall it was a not a 'bhai' film at all. Though its brisk and dosn't bore.  It was rather a typical modern day YRF film. Lot of gloss , color and investment. Little connect. Also it was a typical kabir khan film. Good locales , nice action. Nothing else.  Finally a song and dance sequence sums the film up. On a belly dancing tune rip, katreena does an intricate effort. Crowd barely takes note. Then Salman comes and does a hand wave and school boyish jig. And the house errupts.  Thats all he has to do in terms of quality and quantity to rake in 250 crores. Stardom and cults. Both live on fanaticism. Logic has place only in drabber milieus.