Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Guru

There was this wise sage who quietly lived on the hill top. Well, a penthouse to be precise. There ain't many hills available for modern day knowled ge seekers. And so, the learned one, continued his quest for knowled ge ,while being atop the princess. For the perverted wandering minds, this was the name of the apartment complex he lived in. And while most dwellers of princess carried on with their lives worrying about grades promotions et all being oblivious to the higher realities of life , our sage continued his enlightened existence. So mr Gupta grudged the promotion he dint got .Nay, the one that mr Pande GOT. His daughter remained ever so worried about the (imaginary) extra pounds, thereby starving her already frail frame further. The two love birds on second floor continued their cacophonous chirping , dreaming about 'and they lived happily ever after' tripe, while ignoring what the 'uttar kaand' may have in store for them. Say he got diabetes, she got arthritis , and life of both turned miserable in few years interval. And amidst this chaos, the wise man lived his phlegmatic life.

The wise man was not the only mention worthy character in the princess. There was this young brat on the last but one floor, who had this burning desire to know about arcane matters of life. He worked in the same office in which the wise man(didn't) worked , and need less to say, was impressed with his serenity and impregnability.The other day, he saw the chief furiously shouting at the wise man using transfer threats, anatomical curse words and what not. And yet the face of the wise man had no emotions ! It was as calm and serene as ever. The young man was impressed . He got hold of the wise man to enquire about the blastings. The wise man placidly replied . You know the last chief ? He threw a paper weight on me. He retired last year. This one , too would soon. Mirth,or misery, everything passes . The young man was not entirely satisfied . But the chief may shunt you to some insignificant job! To this the old man calmly said, tankhwah miltee rahegi, duniya chaltee rahegi. Would the earth bend its axis for whatever the chief does ! And what if he promotes your neighbour instead of you,quipped young man.To which the utterly serene wise men, with his fixated smile widening a notch or two, replied ,marna sabko hai ek din. Let him rise as much as he can. He too shall be grounded . Nay, intered .The datum is fixed . Your rise, is equal to your fall.When your beginning and end are fixed , is there a point in running in circles ? Speaking so, the wise man took the young man's leave. It was 3-30 and he was already late by about 15 minutes. For his afternoon tea that is. The young man stood there, perplexed , about the gyan that just befell his ears. It would take him some time to assimilate all this. His quest for knowled ge was aroused , and intensified . He made his mind he would seek the tutelage of the wise men. His dull nerd existence, now had a purpose.