Tuesday, March 10, 2009

India's showing in NZ

Its been a robust batting show by India in the ODI's, after getting some serious drubbing by NZ in the 20-20's. Tendulkar's remark about this batting line up being the strongest has also stirred a debate among crickets, former cricketers and former(non) cricketers. I think the 20-20 show by NZ and the India's reply in ODI's bears a clue to this debate. Consider this, 20-20 takes mindless battering from ball one. You can do with good arms and limited skills in those games. ODI, requires a bit more staying ability(read skill). That perhaps explains why we were snubbed by NZ in 20-20. Mcullum and Ryder,proving to be better 'right from go' hitters than our boys, who wasted balls before starting (Dhoni leading from the front in this regard). But in ODI's, it was a matter of 50 overs. NZ just couldn't last those (as proven to hilt in 3rd ODI). That was the difference between the two sides. And that, is the difference between India's current line up and the one with say Laxman and Dravid, manifest most clearly in Yuvraj's test record. So, while current line up is good in ODI's and is refreshingly brash in its style of playing, it perhaps needs time and test matches to be called the best ever.

PS: I cant fathom why Dhoni is batting ahead of Raina(on current form) . Reminds me of Dravid opening ODI innings during his captaincy days.

My modus operendi

I believe in doing my job well.This apart, I am indifferent on most issues and irreverent to most people. I normally do what I feel like doing, although on most occasions I know what would have been right for me.

How safe is india

>In india its the probability that keeps us going. There are so many things that can (and do) go wrong, but the vastness of sample space of people who can get hit,keeps us safe .